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Course Content:

  • Introduction on Fifth Dimensional Chakras
  • Personal & Spiritual Development - Fifth Dimensional way
  • Importance of Fith Dimension and why do have to raise ourselves to 5th Dimension
  • Brief on Chakra Meditation and Healing  - Fifth Dimensional way
  • Fifth Dimension Chakra work - out with Archangels. This works with vibration of tone, colour & symbols of 5th Dimesion
  • Closing Cermony Fifth Dimensional way.
  • Reference material Provided.
  • Attendees who already have a little knowledge on Chakras and Angels will be benefitted
  • Immensely.. Others who are choosen will be guided by Angels.

Abundance Activation With Archangels Fifth Dimensional Way – 1 Day Attracting And Bringing Abundance By Increasing Our Own Energy Frequency & Attitude


With Certification

Main Topics Covered

Introduction On Archangels

Recognise your Angel's presence

Angel Communication and understanding  their guidance

Protection with the Angels for self, family members & others

Healing with your Angels for self, Family & others in all areas of life

Archangel Meditations

Hand on training , to read Angel Oracle card professionally

Angel Ceremony and more..

Reference manual, Angel deck of card, will be provided